Guitar Fretboard Ninja

Fretboard knowledge is the very first thing you must learn and learn it well when learning guitar. Why? Because if you don’t know your way around the fretboard, you can never become a good guitar player.

Don’t believe me? That’s alright, I can totally understand that. I too don’t believe what people say right away. These days everyone can say whatever they want.

But if you have a minute, please ponder on the following question…

Is it possible for someone to become a doctor if she or he doesn’t want to learn human anatomy?

Exactly! NO CHANCE, isn’t it? It’s IMPOSSIBLE in fact, not to mention foolish…

Guess what? The same logic applies to learning guitar!

👋If you are serious about wanting to become a good guitar player, then you must know the “anatomy” of your guitar. That is, where the notes are on your guitar’s fretboard.

“But, what’s the big deal about knowing the names and locations of all the notes on the fretboard?”, you might ask.

Just to give you some ideas, if you can locate and name the notes on your guitar’s fretboard in split second with ease, you can learn and apply the following concepts a whole lot easier:

  • guitar chords construction
  • scales, and
  • modes

If you didn’t know it already; chords, scales, and modes are some of the fundamental concepts in music every aspiring guitar player must know – and if you know them well enough, you can expand your musical freedom and creativity to an unprecedented level. To name but a few, they can help you to:

  • come up with interesting chord progressions
  • crank out soulful, expressive lead guitar, and
  • write better songs

Unfortunately, the bulk of guitar courses, videos and books out there don’t pay enough attention to this very important skill every guitar players must master. Many even never talk about it at all! As for those that do teach fretboard knowlege, they tend to gloss over it or teach it in such a way that makes the topic far more difficult than it actually is.

Conquer your guitar’s fretboard once and for all! No confusing music theory, no rote memorization involved!

Guitar Fretboard Ninja
Guitar Fretboard Ninja
Guitar Fretboard Ninja is a book that teaches you how to locate any note, anywhere on your guitar’s fretboard,, up and down the neck, quickly and easily.

Unlike other similar books, the fretboard memorization technique taught in this book does not rely on any fingering pattern or some sort of visual measuring stick. This frees you from the usual confusion and mental fatigue associated with conventional fretboard memorization techniques.

👉Pattern-based fretboard memorization techniques make you think and as you already know thinking is tiring. They suck your mental energy and motivation to learn the fretboard dry since they force you to learn ridiculously complex fingering patterns and how their shapes change as you move across the fretboard. It’s easy to get confused and mentally exhausted using such techniques.

You won’t experience the above-mentioned problems when using the method taught in Guitar Fretboard Ninja.

  • no rote memorization involved
  • no college-level music theory to digest
  • no sheet music to read
  • totally brain and layman friendly

All the above are made possible by the two mighty tools you already have at your disposal. You’ll learn what these tools are in this book as well as how to best utilize them to conquer your guitar’s fretboard once and for all!


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