Guitar Fretboard Ninja

GUITAR FRETBOARD NINJA is a no B.S., brain-friendly guide to memorizing notes on guitar’s fretboard quickly & easily

Unlike other similar books, the fretboard memorization technique taught in this book does not rely on any fingering pattern or some sort of visual measuring stick. Thus free you from the usual confusion and mental fatique associated with conventional fretboard memorization techniques

Pattern-based fretboard memorization techniques make you think and thinking is tiring. They suck your mental energy and motivation to learn the fretboard dry since they force you to learn ridiculously complex fingering patterns and how their shapes change as you move across the fretboard. It’s easy to get confused and mentally exhausted using the techniques.

There is no such problems with the method taught in this book.

  • no rote memorization involved
  • no college-level music theory to digest
  • no sheet music to read
  • totally brain and layman friendly

All the above are made possible by the two mighty tools you already have at your disposal. You’ll learn what these tools are and how to best utilize them to conquer your guitar’s fretboard once and for all!


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